Water Treatment Pilot Services

Water Treatment Pilot Services

Test Drive your Water Treatment System Before You Buy

Before making a large investment like buying a car, most consumers want to make sure the vehicle meets their qualifying criteria for performance and safety. Taking a test drive is an important part of the inspection process. It gives the consumer an opportunity to see if the vehicle performs optimally, and whether there are any issues with its design, motor, control system, brakes, or other important systems.

A car, unlike a water treatment system, can be traded in within a few years.

Why invest in a new water treatment system without undertaking a complete investigation into the effectiveness of the technology? Sapphire Water offers our clients the ability to do just that. A water treatment pilot study allows our clients to take a water treatment system for a test drive before making the final purchase. Pilot studies allow us to engineer the right solution to our client’s water treatment challenges while meeting all government regulations. It is the most realistic way to determine if a treatment approach will work, if the overall system is suitable, and how to optimize the operation to ensure the success of a full-scale system.

During a pilot study, a scaled down version of the recommended water treatment technology is engineered, installed, and operated for a period of 2-3 months. Readings are taken daily to monitor items such as flow rates, pressure, and water quality at each stage of treatment. At the end of the study, the data collected is analyzed by Sapphire Water’s team of water treatment experts. Based on the analysis, our team will prepare a report and provide recommendations to help optimize the design of the full water treatment plant.

Sapphire Water can provide pilot plants for a variety of water treatment processes, including reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and biological filtration (SIBROM). Our SIBROM system is the most technologically advanced water treatment system with decades of proven performance in water treatment plants throughout Canada. We can also supply advanced filtration media for piloting gravity bed or other granular filtration applications.

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