Water & Wastewater Treatment Services

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What makes Sapphire Water unique in the water and wastewater industry is our ability to provide complete solutions. Our selection of customizable services are fully supported by our technical service team. We will provide the right support to satisfy your specific needs, help you maintain your equipment to stay on budget, and ensure your water or wastewater treatment system provides continuous, reliable water quality. From project concept through to completion, our knowledgeable staff are committed to making sure all of your water and wastewater treatment issues evaporate.

Sapphire Water’s integrated service offerings allow our customers to feel confident that our team of water treatment experts are always supporting them to ensure their systems continue to operate smoothly and at maximum efficiency. We offer a wide range of engineering and field services, and our experienced team of water and wastewater technicians, electricians, and automation and control experts are available to provide in-house technical support to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Automation & Controls
Automation and control systems designed specifically for your needs can streamline water treatment system performance, reduce energy use, and improve system optimization through increased visibility and control. Sapphire Water works with our clients’ team of engineers, technicians, and operators to ensure our control systems meet the needs of all stakeholders. We can make design recommendations, help develop a process narrative, and consult with our client’s team to find the right solution.
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Field Service & Maintenance
Effective predictive and preventative maintenance activities are essential elements in the smooth operation of any water treatment facility. Sapphire Water’s team of skilled technicians can assist with system maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. Their expertise and technical know-how ensure our customers get the most out of their water treatment investment.
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Installation & Commissioning
With Sapphire Water, effective planning and knowledgeable team members ensure that any water treatment facility can be up and running quickly. Sapphire Water’s qualified technicians support the installation of our water treatment units to ensure they are installed correctly, promptly, and cost-effectively. We will develop a customized Commissioning Plan, provide hands-on training, and troubleshoot if any issues occur.
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Remote Monitoring & Operations Support
Sapphire Water’s automated control packages are designed to help you operate your water treatment system efficiently and optimally. Our systems allow water treatment plant operators to remotely monitor and adjust key operating parameters to adapt to changing conditions as they occur.
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Water Treatment Pilot Services
Before making a large investment like buying a car, most consumers want to make sure the vehicle meets their qualifying criteria for performance and safety. Taking a test drive is an important part of the inspection process. It gives the consumer an opportunity to see if the vehicle performs optimally, and whether there are any issues with its design, motor, control system, brakes, or other important systems.
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