Ridgevalley Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Project details

  • Installation: 2017
  • Location: Alberta
  • System: Direct feed dual train RO system
  • Permeate Flow Rate: 436 m3/day or 4.8 L/s


The Municipal District of Greenview, a growing community, realized the need to upgrade the existing Ridgevalley Water Treatment Plant. They required a reverse osmosis water treatment system to be installed adjacent to the existing water treatment facility, in a proposed expansion building. Sapphire Water provided a dual train RO system to effectively expand the municipalities water treatment capabilities.


Parameter of Interest Raw Water Permeate Guidelines
TDS (mg/L) 853 389.96 ≤ 500
Sodium (mg/L) 360 135.23 ≤ 200
pH 8.7 8.38 6.5 – 8.5
DOC (mg/L) 5.3 <2 < 5*

* No criteria in Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. Reduction required for chlorination bi-products formation prevention.