Progressive water and wastewater solutions
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Sapphire Water’s innovative water and wastewater technologies help our clients reduce costs, meet increasingly strict regulations, and prepare for future demands. Water experts from across Canada are choosing Sapphire Water because our systems are robust, compact, sustainable, and designed to operate without fail in the harshest climate conditions. We are committed to reducing our footprint and limiting the impact our solutions have on the environment and on natural resources.

We offer a full suite of services to design, build, maintain, and upgrade water and wastewater treatment systems for remote communities, First Nation communities, residential, municipal, and industrial clients. Our portfolio of technologies features everything from small residential reverse osmosis systems, municipal water treatment, and industrial wastewater treatment, to our proprietary biological water treatment technology, SIBROM (Sapphire Integrated Biological Reverse Osmosis Membrane).

Our experts can solve your toughest water and wastewater treatment challenges.

Water and wastewater treatment units for municipal, industrial, remote communities, and residential clients require flexibility to fit the unique requirements of each application. Sapphire Water has recognized this, and work with our client’s design and engineering teams to customize a system and produce a perfect fit. Our client’s satisfaction is very important to us. Our team of experienced water treatment technicians are always available to answer any questions about our products and provide expert advice and service.

Our portfolio of technologies includes:

Commercial solutions for remote communities and industrial and municipal clients:

Residential and small reverse osmosis systems for clients requiring lower volumes:

A portfolio of services to ensure your water treatment system runs smoothly.