Pilot Butte Nanofiltration / Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Project details

  • Installation: 2011
  • Location: Saskatchewan
  • System: Direct feed, dual train NF system
  • Permeate Flow Rate: 6,285 m3/day or 69 L/s *


Situated only a few miles east of Regina, Pilot Butte is a quiet town with Big City access. Given their plans to upgrade the town and the expected population growth, Sapphire Water helped meet their water treatment expansion needs. Their new water treatment facility uses direct feed well pumps to a dual train Nanofiltration Membrane System.


Parameter of Interest Raw Water Permeate Guidelines
TDS (mg/L) 2,200 56 <500
Iron (mg/L) 2.8 0.1 <0.3
Manganese (mg/L) 0.95 0.03 <0.05

* Sapphire Water recently expanded this facility to 12,570 m3/day.