Installation & Commissioning

Installation & Commissioning

Using a planned, controlled process, we confirm your facility is safe, reliable, and operational.


Sapphire Water employs qualified technicians to support installation of our water treatment units to ensure they are installed correctly, promptly, and cost-effectively.

Once final drawings for the water or wastewater treatment facility are approved, equipment and other materials are ordered. All water treatment systems are fully assembled at our Watson location and shipped as a “plug and play” product.

When the unit arrives on site and is placed into the correct position, all the interconnecting pipework, electrical hookups, and supporting frameworks are installed. Regular safety audits are a standard part of our installation process and our team adheres to all site safety procedures.


The commissioning process is an important quality control step for the design, construction, and operation of any new water treatment facility. It allows the client to verify that the installation meets contract requirements, and the system will function per the design parameters. Commissioning minimizes risk and confirms the system will perform optimally, providing a structured platform to flush out and solve issues along the way.

With Sapphire Water, effective planning and knowledgeable team members ensure that any water treatment facility can be up and running quickly. We will develop a customized Commissioning Plan based on specific project goals, and the size and complexity of your project. The Commissioning Plan will provide an outline of each activity required for installation, commissioning, and completion. During commissioning and start-up, our experienced team can detect and solve potential problems before they arise.

Effective training of operators is considered critical to the long-term performance of a new water treatment plant. As part of the commissioning process, Sapphire Water technicians can provide hands-on training to the operators and other key personnel so they can effectively run the equipment and controls, and troubleshoot if upset conditions occur. Once training is complete and the system is running, our team is available by telephone for day to day support and troubleshooting.

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