Hamlet of East Coulee Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)

Project details

  • Installation: 2012
  • Location: Alberta
  • System: Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor
  • Permeate Flow Rate: 99 m3/day or 1.2 L/s


Sapphire Water was responsible for designing, manufacturing, commissioning, start-up, and service for an indoor MBBR facility. The Hamlet of East Coulee had an existing wastewater treatment plant, and the new retrofit had to fit into a small footprint and utilize the existing concrete tankage already in place. Due to the challenging installation requirements, Sapphire Water worked with the engineering team to organize and oversee installation. Within 2 months of commissioning and start-up of the new MBBR system, effluent quality was consistently beating Alberta Environment requirements and the facility was successfully serving the community. Since the start of operations in 2012, Sapphire Water’s MBBR system has been running with no issues.

Water Quality

Parameter of Interest Raw Sewage Effluent
Suspended solids (mg/L) 300 ≤ 10
BOD5(mg/L)  230 ≤ 5
 Ntot(mg/L) 35 5/10 (winter/summer)
Ptot(mg/L) 10 ≤ 0.5