Field Service & Maintenance

Field Service & Maintenance

Keep your water and wastewater treatment facilities operating at peak performance.

Sapphire Water’s team of skilled technicians can assist with system maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. Their expertise and technical know-how ensure our customers get the most out of their water treatment investment.

Effective predictive and preventative maintenance activities are essential elements in the smooth operation of any water treatment facility.  They can extend the life of your water treatment plant, prevent costly and disruptive emergency outages, reduce costs and maximize operational efficiencies, and optimize the quality of your treated water.

Our predictive and preventative maintenance contracts are custom designed to complement your own plant-level routine maintenance and testing programs. Typical maintenance contracts include a combination of any of the below services as well as scheduled site visits and weekly or monthly system performance reports. The field services that we offer can be provided either individually or as part of a maintenance contract:

  • A comprehensive inspection and testing routine
  • CIP cleaning support
  • Backwash support
  • Instrumentation calibration
  • Membrane replacement
  • Equipment repairs
  • Ongoing remote monitoring of all key operating parameters
  • Automated alerts when non-conformances or unfavorable trends are observed

We also offer annual audit assessment service contracts. On an annual basis, a team of Sapphire Water technicians will visit your water treatment plant to conduct an on-site assessment and provide additional training, as needed. During this site visit, the operators will have full access to our team to develop continual improvement strategies and optimize the treatment process. After the site visit and assessment, an audit report will be provided that outlines suggested improvements and any recommended upgrades. This annual audit assessment ensures your investment is being properly maintained, and provides the opportunity to plan and budget for future maintenance requirements.

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