All Seasons Mushrooms Moving Bed Biofilm Factor (MBBR)

Project details

  • Installation: 2010
  • Location: Alberta
  • System: Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor
  • Permeate Flow Rate: 18 m3/day or 0.2 L/s


In 2010, All Seasons Mushrooms began an ambitious expansion to its facilities, including the construction of a new sewage treatment facility. Prior to the start of the expansion, there was no on-site sewage treatment. Wastewater was simply collected into a holding tank and transported off site by trucks when needed. The new sewage treatment plant would service the needs of the Mushrooms factory and several of the local residential houses located on the perimeter of the factory. The sewage treatment unit had to have zero effluent discharge into the environment, reusing 100% of the effluent for the factory needs. Sapphire Water engineered the secondary process design, supplied and installed the unit, and facilitated start-up and commissioning.